Large amounts of records leading to issues


After doing some load testing recently with our Corteza instance, I’ve found that when querying a module or viewing a record list in the UI with large amounts of records (10,000+) there seems to be an issue caused by retrieving the total records. e.g. through the API, querying the list records endpoint works fine until the incTotal flag is set to true. I’m expecting this is the same as for the UI, as the record list displays a total records at the bottom. I’ve also noticed a similar issue through the admin interface when listing sessions (when there’s a large amount). Does this seem like an issue on my end or has anyone else run in to this?

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This is currently an expected bottleneck, therefore we advise these three things for record lists with with a large number of records:

  1. Filter down your record lists to limit the number of records (per status, per user)
  2. Disable total count and full page navigation in the record list configurator
  3. Use a metric to display the total number of the records
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