List users in module

Hi, is it possible to list a specific group of users in a module (and display stats like completed tasks, etc) ?

If by a group of users you are referring to system users (the ones found in the admin panel, then no; this is (currently) not possible.

If by a group of users you are referring to a set of records, then yes; this is possible.
Define a prefilter on a record list based on what role you would like to show (the role must be one of the values of the records).

If you wanted to display some stats for each user, I would suggest you implement some automation (here I would suggest a workflow) to change the values for specific users based on the occurred events (created/completed tasks).
If you don’t want to “pollute” the original module with additional fields, you could consider creating a new module that references to the relevant user and contains their stats.

Hi @tjerman , thanks for your swift response.

In fact I talk about system users.

Background: Team Members do tasks and log hours to client accounts (as records) and I want to have a dashboard with some oversight and metric calculation on these numbers.

Would it be possible to do some workflow to sync the system user to a normal module and update the hours there?

Hi Phil.

In this case I would suggest you to use a “Tasks” module. In the CRM namespace we have a Task module you can use as a basis. How you want to add hours logged, is up to you. You can use a start & and date or simply a number field where the numbers of hours can be inserted as a number.

To link the task record to a system user you can use the “createdBy” field. This is a system-field, which is always there in each module, and it stores the ID of the system-user that created the record. This works for you if it’s always the system-user that logs their hours in task records.

If a different person might log hours for another system-user, then you could not fall back to the “createdBy” field, but you would need to add a “user” type field to the task module. Like this you can have user X fill in that user Y worked on task Z and how long it took. Tip: you can configure the user-field to be pre-filled by the logged-in user.

The last bit is reporting: currently the user fields are not available in charts for selection, but a very easy workaround is to map the system user name (either from the “createdBy” field or from the custom user field) with a workflow into a normal string field in the task module. And then use that field in reporting, to create reports on how much time is spent by each user on each task / type of task / customer / etc :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: