Locating Documents in the Database

I created a module with the a field of type File Upload. I then uploaded a record by running
select * from compose_module_field where rel_module = 267238077083156482

The ID of the File field is 267597486120501251

I then went to the compose_record table to see the entry for the module I created by running
select * from compose_record where module_id = 267238077083156482
that record has the ID of 267597650704990211

I then went into compose_record_value to see the values
select * from compose_record_value where record_id = 267597650704990211

In that table there is a value and ref column both have the ID of 267598165161541635

Then I query the compose_attachment table to find the attachment
select * from compose_attachment where id = 267598165161541635

I was able to find the attachment there which is good

My question is what is the difference between the compose_attachment table and the attachments table?

And when would those tables be used? when do attachments get put into “attachements” vs “compose_attachements” so I can understand when and where I should look for and/or place attachements?

Another question i have is that do you need to store documents in the local file volume for the Corteza server? Can I store documents in a S3 bucket or some other file location and have Corteza link to them there instead? And if so, how is this best accomplished?

I havent tried it by myself, but here are docker storage driver for S3 out there.
I would not go that way… :wink: