Lowcode module error on required

I created a module with that has three required fields. after inserting few records I tried to add a new field and it errors out saying “Cannot save this module 3 issues found”. I remove all the required fields and the data got saved.

Please check the screenshots.

I also have encountered this issue. I don’t know what caused it, nor could I resolve it. But I thought I’d add my experience here.

I ended up just deleting the module and recreating it – I did not encounter the issue with the newly created module. This, obviously, would not be a practical solution in a production environment where the module is currently being used and contains data.

I’ve addressed a similar issue last week where required fields prevented some updates due to a field validation lapsus. The patch release should be sometime soon this week.

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I think this issue has been resolved in the 2021.3.6 .

Yes, thanks for reminding me; the 2021.3.6 patch was released on Monday and should address both of your issues. If not, we’ll need to find something else

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