Make field not editable for created records

Hello, I’m new to corteza.
Is it possible to disallow editing of field of already created records in compose? I mean user should be able to set field’s value when creating a record, but should not be able to change it after.
Setting “deny” on “update” permission of field means that user will not be able to set the field when creating a new record, so this is not suitable.
For now I thinking about making an automation script with trigger before(‘update’) which will throw an error if field was changed, but maybe exists better solution.

You should be able to disable updating without blocking creating a new record.
I’m using it without any problem.

Can you please explain or show screenshot where to find such option to do that?
In window “Set permissions for field “…”” I have only options “Read “…” record fields” and “Update “…” record fields” and latter doesn’t allow to change field when creating a new record.

Also instead of using automation script, I later found that it is possible to do with field validation in field’s settings by using expression “oldValue != ‘’ && value != oldValue”. But it will be better to not allow change field at all like with denied permissions instead of showing error.