MFA errors on 2023.9.6 release

Anyone successful in implementing MFA? I am getting the following error when setting

I am getting the following error when trying to use MFA via email or mobile app authenticator.

Internal error

template: mfa.html.tpl:1:34: executing “mfa.html.tpl” at <set . “hideNav” true>: error calling set: assignment to entry in nil map

Can anyone share feedback on this? The template is not working. Also there is issue with a CSRF token not found.

It’s on Github as an issue: When I log in with a user who has enabled 2 factor authentication I get a template: mfa.html.tpl:1:34 error · Issue #1782 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub. There you’ll be able to track the progress.

Is there any progress on this resolution?

Hey, its in progress.
We’ll either update the active version or in a new patch