[minor BUG] in Filter for checkbox fields

In a record list page:
if I try to filter based on a checkbox value, whichever combination I use, equal or not equal to, checked or unchecked(only two options available, can’t for instance write in TRUE into the filter), it returns an empty list.

However if, when setting up the record list element, I use the prefilter option for MyCheckboxValue = True, it works fine. Meaning the workaround is creating dedicated pages for checkbox value filtering.

@Gaetano, this is what I was able to find – Unable to filter checkbox module fields from the record list filter interface · Issue #757 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub
Are we getting similar errors? If not, could you elaborate further with some screenshots/recordings?

If you think it’s a bug, could you please use github issues to report them

Thank you, I’ll respond with details on github.

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