Missing changelog for 2022.9.0

Hey guys,

I see the 2022.9.0 has been released a few days ago :slight_smile: here

but I see no update to the docs! here

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something is there now 2022.9 :: Corteza Docs

but i would expected some more infos. Can i just upgrade my image and use as normal or do i need to run some migration script to have the new data storage for existing objects.


I’m in touch with planet crust employees in a private channel. From what I understand, the release is not yet finalized. I’m assuming more documentation will come out once it is finalized.

I don’t know if this will work on the current version, but it looks like Corteza has historically provided migration scripts.

See here


A sample meaningful extract from the document:

docker-compose exec server corteza-server system script-migrator --dst

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i guess i wait for the post on their website before upgrading

Generally, everything should work out of the box when you upgrade from 2022.3 to 2022.9 – we have some provisioning code that handles things that changed. The more important changes are noted here. We’re working on the documentation for the 2022.9 version; we’re a bit behind since a lot has happened.

We do recommend you backup your data before you upgrade just in case something goes south in the upgrade step.

That command is for one of the older older versions so it’s no longer required. It migrated the old representation of automation scripts (stored in DB) into the new representation (FS).

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updated and the migration script for transferring record values to the record table is badly broken

every record has the same value now and the values table got deleted so recovery impossible

I’m planning to do the upgrade to a different environment … just in case