Module field Validator

Hi guys,

i wonder if i can setup the module field validator in order to “enforce” the value of a String field, in the docs there’s example with the length but what i want to achieve is something like

field == “someText” OR field == “someOtherText”

in that way when the record is created i’ll be sure that the value can be only “someText” or “someOtherText”

is it possible ?

have you considered a dropdown list instead?

not sure about the field validator (never tried it)
but I believe it’s an expression evaluation
use can use this field == “someText” || field == “someOtherText”

let me know if I misunderstood something

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i will try the expression, and let you know if it work.

if i choose the dropdown list can i “select” the value if i create a record using workflows?
(actually not the case but may be in the future)


didn’t get your question!

Yes you can; just assign the field one of the values configured on the select module field (note that there is a label and a value for each select option – use the value)

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