Module from MySQL view

Is there some known limitation, defect, or issue with creating modules that are linked to MySQL views instead of MySQL tables?

I have several modules that I created that are linked to existing MySQL tables. Linked to = the Data store of the module has a database connection that connects to a MySQL db and the table name is the name of the table in the MySQL db. As long as I ensure all fields match the MySQL table, the module field mapping and encoding, then things work perfectly when creating a module for a pre-existing table.

The challenge I’m having at the moment is this doesn’t seem to work when I set the table name to a MySQL view. All field names match, the field mapping and encoding matches, but it’s just not working. The view does return data as quickly as a normal table when running queries in the MySQL workbench so I don’t think it’s some timeout issue.

Has anyone created a Corteza module that is linked to a MySQL view, instead of a table, and/or know of any challenges related to doing that?

Thank you.

Currently running - Version: 2023.3.3

I’ve linked views to corteza modules. I’m running Postgres and not MySQL, but I don’t think that’s your issue.

Whenever I’ve experiences slownes in Corteza, it’s almost exclusively due to permission checking (their RBAC system is naive and checks records 1 at a time).

Try limiting the number of records loaded in the definition of the view. That could be a good place to start debugging.