Module list record timeout

Question up front: Is there an env variable I can set that makes Corteza wait longer to retrieve data from its data connections?

I was having some issue with modules that are linked to MySQL views via the database connections.

Module has a data store set to a database connection, that is a MySQL database, and the table name is set to the name of the view.

I’ve been able to create a variety of modules this way linked to the same database but using tables.

I’ve finally been able to do the same with views but only some of the modules return data. The modules that do not return data do not produce an error message.

The only difference between the modules, and linked db views, is the volume of data being returned.

My guess, haven’t confirmed, is that it’s taking too long for the view to return data and some timeout is being reached before that happens.

As a guess, I set the below vars in the .env file but no change. I don’t think it’s any of these because Corteza seems to give up on the view at about 5-seconds after navigating to the page with the record list.


Version: 2023.3.4

Thank you.

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This issue is resolved.

The actual issue turned out to be the field being used, from the view. The record ID wasn’t a proper Corteza id field - number and unique values. Once that change was made, number column with unique values, the data started showing up in Corteza.

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