Multiple data sources

Is there a public discussion or pull request discussion the upcoming multiple data sources feature?

Non-SQL DB sources such as GraphQL or SPARQL? What about Trino or BigQuery?

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V1 will implement a handful of SQL drivers (the ones currently supported), and we’ll be looking into others (NoSQL included) in future versions.

Thank you. Are the discussions and plans around the feature public?

Well… the code is public, but our internal planning is (for now) private.
Thinking about it, it would be nice to have a place to discuss new features with the community.

I’ll consider opening a new forum thread we can all use to discuss it.

I did look for an open PR or idealization issue too so I can understand where things are and some of the why … rather than just “is it done yet” kind of thing.

Corteza seems like the real deal with Apache 2 and no open-core baloney. IMHO having these feature development discussions in the open will further facilitate community understanding and contributions.

Thank you

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Quite reasonable; we were discussing moving development-related internal discussions to public platforms; for now, nothing was finalized but we’re planning to be more interactive on that front

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