Namespace Export Error

I’m trying to export a namespace but getting the following as an error message.

{"error":{"message":"invalid module reference { {[] map[]} { {[] map[]}} false}: module does not exist"}}

The namespace will be used as a template for other namespaces, and I would need this export, so is there a way to resolve this error or force the namespace export?

I have received something similar but it included module IDs to modules I had previously deleted.

I had to go into the db itself and really delete those modules from the compose_module table. Deleting them via the UI only did a “soft delete”, basically populating the deleted at and deleted by fields. Truly deleting them from the table worked.

That said, it was a little irritating because I’d delete one and then get an error message about the next one. After a couple of those I just deleted every module where the deleted on date wasn’t null to skip the endless cycle lol

At that point, the export was successful for me.

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