Namespace Export Error

I’m trying to export a namespace but getting the following as an error message.

{"error":{"message":"invalid module reference { {[] map[]} { {[] map[]}} false}: module does not exist"}}

The namespace will be used as a template for other namespaces, and I would need this export, so is there a way to resolve this error or force the namespace export?

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I have received something similar but it included module IDs to modules I had previously deleted.

I had to go into the db itself and really delete those modules from the compose_module table. Deleting them via the UI only did a “soft delete”, basically populating the deleted at and deleted by fields. Truly deleting them from the table worked.

That said, it was a little irritating because I’d delete one and then get an error message about the next one. After a couple of those I just deleted every module where the deleted on date wasn’t null to skip the endless cycle lol

At that point, the export was successful for me.


@daniel_charp so the issue for you was that it was looking at soft deleted resources? My first thought was that some other resource (pageblock, chart, …) is configured to use some other resource that was previously deleted.

I messed up the dep. resolution logic a bit and missed the case where resources depend on deleted resources. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to fix it up yet though :confused:

I didn’t dive into the code but I only had to delete the ‘soft deleted’ modules. I did not have to delete pages, layouts, or anything else.

Hi, I have similar issue, not being able to export namespaces. I created Github issue:

I took a look at my PostgreSQL database and identified the affected page(s) in compose_page:

SELECT title FROM compose_page WHERE id = {{corteza::compose:page}};

I had to delete the respective entries in both compose_page and compose_page_layout to successfully export the namespace:

DELETE FROM compose_page WHERE id = {{corteza::compose:page}};