Need Assistance with Corteza Workflow: Automatic Checkbox Update Issue

I want to create a workflow that automatically marks a record as “Updated” by setting a checkbox field to ‘Yes’ after a user updates the record. The checkbox is a simple yes/no field.

I’ve set up a trigger for “afterUpdate”. I added a condition to check whether the checkbox field is not already set to ‘Yes’. I added an action to update the checkbox field to ‘Yes’ if the condition is met. However, when I run the workflow, I encounter the following error message:

Failed to parse step arguments expressions for expressions: parsing error: composerecordvalues(‘Module’,, ‘CheckboxField’) != ‘Yes’ :1:21 - 1:30 could not parse string: invalid syntax
Failed to resolve workflow step dependencies.

I’m not sure what’s causing this error, and I’d appreciate if someone could provide guidance on the correct syntax or steps to achieve this workflow.

Module Name: Planner
Checkbox Field Name: Update

‘Yes’ is just how the field is displayed, when using it in workflows it is a simple boolean,
So the check should only be if your field is true or not.