New feature Multiple Page Layouts - How can a user change the layout?

Corteza version: 2023.3.1

As mentioned here , there is a new cool feature called “Multiple Page Layouts”.
While i can change page-layouts in mode “page builder” using the selector in the header, this selector hides when changing to mode “View page”. It this expected behaviour?

If this is expected, then maybe there is a checkbox like “Allow user to change page-layout”.

I understand that i can also set conditions when to use which page-layout. However it would be really useful if a user could change between page-layouts to select a view that fits better the needs. Example: Instead of a page with some graphs, one might prefer the page without graphs but more details and vice versa.

Also, when creating for example 2 layouts and remove the handle “primary” from the 1st layout and add it to the 2nd layout, one needs to save 2 times, because the first save returns an error: “Could not save this page: handle not unique”. The 2nd save works ok with: “Page saved”.

Regarding your first point: users control what page layout they see.
The first iteration of the feature uses provided expressions to determine which layouts are currently visible and it always shows the first visible one.
In future iterations, we’ll be providing some more control/navigational elements to provide more flexibility; such as a dropdown, custom next/prev. buttons, …

TL;DR: users can’t yet navigate through page layouts as described.

Thank you for the reply