New to the platform: How to debug unknown field "AccountId"

I’m getting the error when loading record pages:
Could not load record list: unknown field “AccountId”

I tried to go back to the fields page, and add one entitled AccountID, with the label AccountId, but this doesn’t resolve the issue. I added a field to the records page, added some data, and that didn’t do it.

Also on the records page I looked for any reference call for the AccountID field in any of the boxes there was nothing there that called for “AccountId”

I’d like to go production for my company this month, but want to make sure that there isn’t something I did to mess with a system table of some sort.

The only other thing I did was rename the handle of the Accounts Module from “Accounts” to “Clients” and changed the page title as well for navigation.

I did find reference to that field in the AccountContactRole module. Still working my way through how it would impact, my Accounts and clients are imported using the CSV import.

Resolved with new build