Newbie questions about low code apps

a) Can you somehow assign different low code apps to be served in different subdomains?
b) Where can you adjust CSS for each app?
c) How can you create a record that gets data from external sources such as MySQL database?
d) How can you lock a field for edition based on the values of other fields?
Thank you.

a) would be possible with some help from reverse proxy you would setup in front. there is no built in support for this atm

b) not through configuration;
can you explain a bit what parts would you like to adjust? or just have full control?

c) not possible at the moment, on our roadmap

d) not possible. not on the roadmap.

a) Yes, thought on using apache as reverse proxy… but not sure how to setup backend urls for the different apps…
b) at least colors, background colors, title bar, logos… although the possibility of custom css is always a plus.