Nginx Proxy Manager


Has anyone attempted to use Nginx Proxy Manager with Corteza?


Nope, just using regular nginx from docker compose.

Sounds like you’re doing interesting things though! Are you trying to allow for self provisioning of Corteza instances?

Somewhat, yes, as well as trying to integrate some other apps “inside” Corteza.

You asked this question a long while ago but I’ve just started using Nginx Proxy Manager with Corteza and it works great.

Was there anything specific that you had to do?
We had a hard time and gave up back then. Haven’t revisited ever since.

It took some figuring out to get it right but our config looks like this:

Env file has
Corteza’s docker-compose.yaml has

image: cortezaproject/corteza:${VERSION}
container_name: corteza-prod
restart: always
env_file: [ .env ]
depends_on: [ db ]
ports: [ “server_ip_address:18080:80” ]
- “./data/server:/data”

It also includes the db service config but does not include any networks.

The config in Nginx Proxy Manager has a proxy host with
Domain name:
Scheme: http
Forward Hostname: server_ip_address
Forward port: 18080

Not using the nginx docker-compose at all

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Gonna check this out.

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