No code way to filter distinct/unique values in a Module column?

No code way to filter distinct/unique values in a Module column?

I have 9 records of employees, 4 of them have Manager 1, other 3 have Manager 2 and last 2 are managers and they are their own managers

(popularly known as “Serf Referencing” relationship.)
How do I display just 2 managers in a record List or in a Drop down and when one manager is selected, a separate block shows direct reports of the selected manager

If you’re trying to filter a record list/record selector on a record page based on the current record’s Manager value the you can do something like recordID = ${record.values.Manager}

Distinct or Unique Values as same manager may appear for multiple employees

From following Table, I need to display only 2 Managers (Kyle Master and Maria Master) in a dropdown?

You then need a Employee and an Manager module.
Each employee can have a manager therefore add a Record field to the Employee

In the Manager record page display all employees they manage by filtering the Employee list with.
recordID = ${record.values.Manager}

In the Employee record page their Manager can be displayed in a record field.

If I’m not understanding your use case, please provide screenshots so its easier to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

That is neither a good nor an acceptable solution.
Every other system will have managers and employees in the same module, because Managers are also employees after all, and that is where self-referencing relationship is needed.

Understanding Self Joins in SQL Server: A Guide (

I do very much appreciate your responses though.

If the module is the same, same approach still applies.

As I said I might not be understanding your use case, so sharing your configuration or at least what you’re trying to achieve in Corteza via screenshots would help a lot.

Yes, I understand - I need to explain better, will post some screenshots and more description.
Will be tomorrow or so…
Thank you so much for being there for us.