No page layout found, create one to view the page

I just installed Corteza into the container and created two users: admin and a mere user.
But I quickly found that the unprivileged user cannot open most of the namespaces, the error I get is:

No page layout found, create one to view the page

Then (with admin) Edit page → Layout → Permission, set Read to Allow fixes the problem for this particular page but not for other pages in this namespace.

What do I do wrong?

You need to change the permissions for the role. Under in the Admin Panel → Compose → Permissions (/admin/compose/permissions).
Find the Page layouts permissions. And change the Read any page layout for that role to allow.
That will allow users with that role to read any Layout on any namespace for any page.

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allright, it worked, thanks a lot.
But what’s the reason for this? Isn’t it a bug? Authenticated users should be able to access such pages by default aren’t they?

You’re right they should, it might be a provisioning or configuration issue. So we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for reporting it.