Not able to figure out how to use: Prompt user with choice

I m testing some workflows with diffrent prompts. Prompt with alert, prompt with single input and prompt with options - all work well. But i cant get the imput from prompt with choice.

I cant figure out, how to configure prompt with choice. The workflow is executed, i can choose yes or no but i get the following error.

workflow 229089575140592270 step 4 execution failed: expression "value" failed: failed to select 'value' on *expr.Vars: no such key 'value'

I have tried with many different configurations. Cant use choosen value in my later workflow, cause it does not get saved.

Help appreciated.
Best regards

@tnissen, could I bother you for a screenshot of the right-side panel for that step?
Just to see what you’re doing with arguments&results.


Sure. May be the other way round it would be faster. A screenshot of a working example :wink:
I tried with all possible values i could think off, so the picture is “one try”
bool, int, string, KV, with or without quotation marks. I also played with the result var. But i had no luck. Seems i don’t get it right.

Thx for help.

Hi! I tried to replicate it and get the same error as @tnissen.

My test is at Corteza Workflow Editor

Working on this now.

Fixed, will be available in 2021.3.4 release, today.

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