Not all records are imported

Question on messaging by Marcus, on 25/9/20: Hi, I’m currently at importing stuff, running into issues

I tried an import on a 2GB ram single core machine. 4600 articles. process stuck at 4000.

Since it’s cloud, I now clicked 4cores and 8GB ram. Task finishes much better.

But alas… Some 116 didn’t import.

So it was a ressource problem on my end, definitely

but the 116… There were Umlauts in there and x²

like A Ö Ü and ß

how was your csv file encoded? My sample is UTF-8 encoded and importing works

@Lenny thanks for your input, that’s really valuable. I totally forgot about the encoding… Usually our ERP does super crappy 80’s encoding (just remembered) so that is worth looking at, but not on the weekend. Will check it out next week and get back to you guys. Thanks again!