Online Deployment with local NGINX (without using nginx-proxy)


Can you please suggest the required changes in the Online Deployment compose and env files in order to use my own NGINX daemon?

I already have NGINX and LetsEncrypt in place, I can forward traffic, but I don’t know what ports are exposed by the Corteza container, aka on what port should I fwd the traffic from NGINX to Corteza.


Hello, the corteza container is running on 80, so you should proxy everything corteza related to that container.

I did exactly that, but it seems that when doing the initial user activation the link is enforcing http not https. Because of that the browser is refusing to access the page (mixed http+https).

Again, I’m:

  • accessing the instance via https
  • creating the user as expected
  • when clicking the “activation link” I’m redirected to a https link that tries to access a http URL with the token

At this point I’m stuck, as I have no idea how to enforce https on Corteza’s URLs.

Can you check the HTTP_SSL_TERMINATED option?

This should take care of the https redirect issue, since by default we are checking the LETSENCRYPT_HOST setting, that you are probably not using.

This should be defined in .env?

I’m not using anything related with nginx-proxy or nginx-letsencrypt containers, both run as standalone daemons on the host.

Thank you