Page Duplication Bug?

I’m having a strange issue when using “Save as Copy” on Pages to create a new layout.

  1. Not all the blocks get copied!

  2. The record blocks that are copied seem to be copied by reference somehow - that is, when I edit a record block on one page (to remove / add fields), it changes the record block on the other page (the one that was created as a copy) as well.

Hello @TutorEmpire

Which bocks aren’t copied?

I hard 3 record blocks showing different parts of the same record (this was a “new / edit record” type of page), and only the first block got copied.

I can reproduce reference issues, which will be fixed in 2023.3.7.
If you can provide us with the reproduction steps for the missing blocks issue that would be great.


I think I found the steps to reproduce the issue. It seems that it might be connected to the first issue.

To reproduce:

I created a page with a record block (Test-Record). I added a few fields.

I then used “clone block” on Test-Record to make a second record block.

Then “Save”.

Next, I clicked 'Save as copy" on that page.

The newly created layout only has one record block… and it didn’t even copy the name of the record block (now it’s titled “personal data”).

Hope this helps!

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Helps very much, thanks for describing it. Will fix it for 2023.3.7