Parallel Prompts in workflow


I want to have two prompts come out at the same time for a user. This is my current workflow:

The workflow has 2 prompts that ask for an input from the user, then prompts them a message with the 2 values the user entered. From my understanding, the gateway allows the 2 prompts to occur simultaneously and the second gateway waits for the 2 branches to complete before continuing.

However, this occurs:

When I enter an input in the first prompt,

After the second prompt:

Why are there multiple repeating prompts in this workflow?

There are the settings for the prompts:


Thank you for the help!

That’s not good… what version are you using so we can take a look?

About your use case, what is the reason you need two prompts at the same time? Since users fill and confirm one at a time I don’t see the benefit of having them shown at the same time – perhaps adding some description such as Entering value 1 of 2 and Entering value 2 of 2 would to the trick?

But yeah, doing it like how you’ve done it makes sense to me; use a fork and then a join.

I was able to get it reproduced.
I opened up a ticket.

In the meantime, consider making a non-parallel prompting setup until we get this resolved.
The bug seems to be caused because the server re-sends prompts and because front-end doesn’t filter out duplicates.