PDF Displaying 3 pages

Displaying 3 pages Further “Download to see all pages”.
How to display all?


Could you please give a little more details to this? I am not entirely sure what is meant by this.

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there are 7 pages in this file but on page 3 I see a download message.

What version of Corteza are you using? And what exactly are you doing here, is this viewing a file in the file block?

version of Corteza 2022.9.5
I click on the link

That is the intended behaviour of the file preview feature. @jfortun do you think we should change it?

I think it should be configurable.

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We’ll add additional configuration options for file blocks to the pipeline.

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Can you tell me when you can use it?

Not currently no, you can keep an eye on the changelog to see when it will be implemented.
Most likely in 2023.9.0

Hello! We want to independently increase the number of pages displayed in a PDF file in Corteza’s internal web viewer. We can create a new Docker container using the github repository, but we need to know what we need to change in the source code or configuration files to increase the above limit. Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance. Really looking forward to your reply.

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Good afternoon.
Is there any new information on this subject?

As mentioned above it will be implemented for 2023.9.0