Permissions for users in CRM to view records owned

I am trying to import records for around 1,600 contacts for 6 users. If I import them, using the import feature, using the CSV import and the user email for owned by, it shows correctly in the record page that it is owned by a user.

However, my users don’t see anything, can’t add records. If I give them permission to read and and add records it allows them to see others contacts.

I even tried to give the user record permissions and import logged in as that user. But the same outcome applies.

I don’t see a way to drill down into the permissions, or add a feature. This seems like pretty basic functionality. Am I missing something?

In the contacts page, even when an admin selects edit, the owned by can’t be changed. Is that a “feature” are contacts bound to the creator?

Hi @jpdigi,

It’s correct that at the moment the system field “ownedBy” cannot be edited in a record, but it can be changed via a workflow. However, to make it easier to modify the person that’s assigned to a contact, we’ve added the field “ownerId” to the CRM. The same field is used in Leads, Accounts and Opportunities.

If you set the user ID’s in that field, instead of the system field “ownedBy”, then your users will see their contacts.