Please help me install a local demo using docker

Im really struggling to istall the local demo on my laptop using docker.

Which terminal CLI do I use for the commands?

Also how do i link the pre built image into docker and start logging into corteza.

Is there meaby a step by step guide i can use please?

I dont want to use the online one on planet crust as I cannot afford that price p/month really just desperately asking for help please.

This was helping me a lot when I begin to use Corteza


Thank you nicfrick

I finally managed to get it up and running, for those out there that are strugling heres what worked for me:
I have windows so I I tried first visual studio code and powershell and neither of them allowed me to use the “vi” function
Install Git for windows and then all the commands as in the video on youtube you send here above works now.

Thanks for your help


As a side note, you don’t need to use vi; you could use notepad, visual studio code, or other editors/IDEs.

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