Plugin Development

How can i develop a go Workflow plugin, i want implement customize encrypted function in workflow process?

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I saw a commit recently deprecating go plugins. I’d recommend using automation scripts instead.

I found the commit:

See here for a different programmable automation pattern:

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I don’t understand plugins in Corteza!

I mean what is it in deferring to custom server-script?

Corteza has a low code solution which comes built-in to the instance. It’s a visual workflow builder.

If that’s not enough, you can start a separate service called “corredor” which allows you to run arbitrary javascript to interact with your Corteza instance.


I know and use Corredor for my custom logic and it works just fine
I wonder what is the plugin solution and what’s their advantage from Corredor scripts?
or when should we use plugin?


Go plugins are sort of like middleware. It allows you to run arbitrary go code. In this case it would have been used to modify the functionality of the corteza server.

See plugin package - plugin - Go Packages

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