Pointers needed to fix technical errors and submit new and complete language translation – Norwegian Bokmaal

Hi everyone :blush:

I just finished up translating the Cortezafiles to the language Norwegian Bokmaal (no-nb) and I am experiencing some trouble when I try to test the translation. Obviously, I am doing something wrong and would appreciate any pointers so that I may fix my mistakes :wink:

The Corteza version is 2021.9.7 on Debian 10 through Apache2 external proxy (I will make an Apache2 How-to with config examples a little bit later). I have attached the src folder (for problem 1) and a screenshot (for problem 2).

I have followed the guides Internationalisation :: Corteza Docs and here Internationalisation :: Corteza Docs

There are 2 main problems (as far as I know only 2 :wink:

The translated strings are not showing. All of Corteza is still in English. I believe this is caused by me configuring β€œsomething” wrong.

Related content inside the .env file:

Language files path


Related content from the docker-compose.yaml file
- β€œ./serverdata:/data”
- β€œ./translations:/translations/src”

The buttons is now β€œgone” from the login and profile page and is replaced by strings.
The rest of Corteza seem to be healthy and working good. This I suspect is caused by me removing something I shouldn`t have removed/ replaced while translating. It may off-course also be a side effect of problem 1. Any pointers to where and what might have caused this is greatly appreciated

The translated files may be downloaded (by everyone that want them :slight_smile: on this link (I was not allowed to attach a zip file in this forum): https://colab.codeshack.eu/index.php/s/6TMiARngEQM9RjJ

This is a password protected share so you will need to enter the password BrTmm51Gh4rsPPi to get access to the zip archive. Everyone is welcome to download it (and off-course share it to anyone) using this one-item password. The only reason it is password protected is that the site enforce passwords for all shares for unregistred users.