Possible bug in record list search

I´ve created a new module in CRM. I defined a field named hs-tech-gen (screen name Tech/Gen). If that field is added to the record list block, a query fails with the message [Could not load record list: unknown attribute “hs” used in query expression]. According to the context-sensitive help, dashes are allowed in field names.

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What database are you using? If that’s the case, prefer to use _ over - since I doubt we’ll manage to get to addressing this in a while; sadly.

I’m using Postgres. I’m not invested in the dashes, it just happened. It doesn´t look like I can change the field name. Would I need to delete it and re-add it? At this point, only 20 or so out of 240 records are populated in that field, so I can manage manual updates.

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If it’s not a big deal; go with that one.
Else you can do it directly in the database (compose_record and compose_module_field tables)

I have changed the field name in the database. It was a good way to get more familiar with Corteza’s schema.


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