Pre filter recordlist when editing a record

Hi there,

I´m building a configurator. For this issue I would need a filter on the recordlist.
I tried it with the pre filter → doesn´t work (I don´t know how to set it up)
I tried it with a workflow → It doesn´t give me a recordlist back.

There is what I want to do:
I have some machines (module “Maschine” → recordlist)

When I edit a record (maschine), I want to add some features “T-Nummer”
This list of features should be filtered by the type of the machine.

How can I do this?

Forgot to post the record and the recordlist:

Hi there,

Unfortunately Corteza does not support dynamically filtered select/dropdown menus however this a feature which we are working towards, the full roadmap of Corteza features can be found here: Roadmap - Corteza

A potential work around would be to create a module which is a collection of different select/dropdown menu’s for each relevant group belonging to the T Nummer e.g. the Machsine type would be T77 and the dropdown would be t77 a, t77 b etc. This is an option but it may have it’s own issues such as scalability.

What also would be awesome is to define a column that holds a sort value. I tried but there is no way to get it working

If I understand your last message correctly, this is absolutely possible. Using integer field and then applying a pre-sort on the record list will yield the intended result.
Please see screenshots

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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i have a Type kind of module. That i use in a other module with a record selector. In the record selector i want to pre sort by a column. The sort of the Record list is not reflected there.

Common use case is to filter and sort record selectors in business applications either for active flag or based on a priority.

Ideally the record selector should also allow to open the full list to select a record then give back the selected record. Imagine a record list with 10000 of customers e.g. with similar names where the search requires multiple parameter.

interestingly first the record selector is by “date added” once search was executed its by name.