Prefilter records = ${recordID}

I have been adding multiple record lists located inside of one main record list.

For an example, I have an “All Accounts” page which is the “All Accounts” record page/list, and under each account I have multiple record lists such as “Activity Log”, “Campaigns”, “Contracts”, “Proposals”, etc.

I have been using AccountID = ${recordID} to separate each record to ensure it only populates under the related account.

However, when I try to do this same technique inside of one of those record pages, such as “contracts” it doesn’t work. I’ll add a record list and type AccountID = ${recordID} and the list becomes blank and won’t populate anything at all.

I’m trying to figure out what is going on or what I may be doing wrong. Any suggestions?

Hard to tell based on the info you provided.
Are you sure that there exist records that have AccountID for that record you are viewing?
You can look at the base configuration of the CRM, there is an example for the Notes record list on the Opportunity record page.

Is the AccountID a multivalue field? If so you need to filter it accordingly

If I understood this correctly, the empty record lists are when looking at a contact belonging to an account?
In that case, it’d no longer be ${recordID} since the recordID would be for that contact, not account.

In that case, you’d need to use something else instead of recordID. I’m guessing your contact module has some module field relating to that account (I’ll assume AccountID). In this case, do AccountID = ${record.values.AccountID}; that should do the trick.

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