Prefilter records / SQL dialect

Is there any more info to find on the SQL dialect on the prefilter records / query syntax?

For example im looking for entries where date > 365 days in the past

I found the current date selector but can’t seem to find working date modifiers


I trust you are well.
I believe you might find what you are looking for at the 2 links prefilters
Expression references

You should find in the add examples of how to use date functions.

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For anyone wondering, this is last_seen > 1 year in the past comparison (breaks on leap year / date though)

ge(DATE(last_seen), DATE(concat(sub(year(NOW()), 1),'-',month(NOW()),'-',day(NOW()))))

@AndreB And I just day(NOW()) here aswell, but it’s not in the documentation, are there any more functions? Or maybe can you point me to the code file if thats easier where to find this, maybe any UNIX functions?