Prefiltering a recond list that is linked with a muiti record select

Hello Corteza Community,

I’m currently working on a project where I have two modules: ‘Organization’ and ‘Contact’. In my setup, ‘Contacts’ can be associated with one or more ‘Organizations’. This association is facilitated through a “record selector” field in the ‘Contact’ module, which is configured as a multi-select field.

My objective is to display a list of contacts linked to specific organizations on my page layout. For this, I’m using a prefilter on the Record List. However, I’ve encountered a challenge: when I use the prefilter expression ${recordID} = organization, it only reflects the first organization linked to a contact, not all of them.

I’m seeking a solution that allows the prefilter expression to work effectively with a multi-select field, so that all relevant contacts for each organization are displayed. I tried looking through the Corteza documentation but couldn’t find a clear answer.

Has anyone managed to create a prefilter expression that works with multi-select fields in this context? Any guidance or pointers to the right part of the documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Not exactly sure about your issue but in similar cases I’ve been creating a third module for the “link” made up of 2 record selector fields. I’ve found this much more flexible then relying on a single multi line field.

A junction object, yes that could work, it is another step for a user and isn’t my ideal but I can’t figure out this issue may be what I have to do. Thanks for the suggestion.

I was able to get this to work but using this formula on the organization page. organizations = ${recordID} where organizations is a multi-select recond field on the contact.

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