Problems about get record list interface under the corteza version 2021.3.x

1、Calling the list record api,and use the filter parameter with Fuzzy Matching used in syntax the same as sql,the result is ok

2、But with the Full Matching,and the result is wrong?

So how to solve this problem?

What happens if you try to use the search input on the user interface? Is the response correct? If so perhaps your postman request is malformed.

If I do recall correctly, we didn’t add support to the IN operator so you would need to do something like field = 'value1' OR field = 'value2'. Does this resolve it?

Used field = 'value1' OR field = 'value2' statement could solve this problem,but the query statement is too long under my situation,so in operator is the best solution.So in operator could be supported in the later roadmap and version?

Potentially; I’ll open up a discussion to see what we can see.

An IN operator can also cause a large query (it can hold more stuff than the alternative but still).
If you’re running into issues where the query is too long, consider splitting the request into multiple parallel requests – since you’re using an OR, the outputs should contain the same data (be careful on how you do this if the order is important).

Then again, if the query is generated and executed by an application, the length shouldn’t affect the UX.