Prompts appear following logout and subsequent login

I have a problem with Prompt messages. They only appear when I log out and then log back in. I do not have any delay set on them. Possibly, there could be an issue with my role since I’ve just created a new one. However, even after attempting to modify it, the outcome remains unchanged.
Maybe someone would be able to help me with this issue? :wink:

My role settings:

Which version are you on?

I am on 2023.9.5 version.

So if you go to a namespace, then run a workflow manually to trigger a prompt.
Then you open the namespace tab, it doesn’t show the prompt?

If you’re on the app selector, the prompts only appear when you get to that page and not if you start the workflow once you’re on it

The prompts on compose(namespaces) appear if you start the workflow while on the page.

Thanks for your help, but I found the solution in this issue:

Thanks again!

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