Quote line in CRM

becouse CRM consultant I’m analyzing your CRM APP. It’s a Nice work.
But there is something that from my point of view have a lack of usability.
In every CRM when creating a quote and adding product than totals are immediatly updated, not after save.
Also the selection of a product to create a new line should autocompile the price from pricebook.
There is a way to achieve this result without develop code? And developing code without change the core?

Hi @simonetravaglini,

Your observation is correct - currently, we don’t apply any changes on the fly but with an explicit action - i.e. when the record is created, updated, deleted… or we add an “automation button” to trigger it. We could display a button that would trigger price calculation (before saving the record) in the case you mentioned. I hope this makes sense?

I’ll have to check on the exact logic behind our product section in the CRM reconfiguration but the overall idea is to stitch such logic together with a combination of defining data modules and workflows (without any custom coding).

Cheers, Mia

Hi @mia.arh thanks for answer.
From user point of view fields should be updated when product is selected. This is the standard way a CRM works.
From software point of view, normally in CRM it’s hardcoded this behaviour for inventory line. But becouse a low code application you can generalize with something we called in our software “intelligent mapping”. I mean you can create a mapping between module, something like when selected a product automatically fills fields of module with product fields, with a mapping created from admin, and js apply this mapping on changing value of relation field.
I think you can if possibile add it in workflow, adding also a new trigger “field filled”, or otherwise you can create an administration section to manage mappings.
If could help I can share more details how we managed in our software.