RBAC rules seem to be cached

It looks like the RBAC rules are cached. Looking for confirmation of this and hoping there is a way to clear that cache without restarting the container.

We added several new dbname.rbac_rules records to automate giving read permissions to various security roles. Yes, we could use the Corteza API to accomplish this but that is a lot slower than doing a direct MySQL insert.

However, when clicking on the permissions tab of the records that had their permissions updated, the UI wasn’t showing that the appropriate roles had read access as the new rbac_rules give. It was only after restarting the Corteza container that the UI showed the true/accurate values.

Is it correct that RBAC rules are cached, unless making updates via the Corteza API?
Any way to refresh that cache without a container restart?

Corteza version 2023.3.8

Thank you.

I believe the issue I was running into was the nginx cache itself. This looks to be resolved after updating Nginx Proxy Manager to include the following three options on the Advanced tab under Custom Nginx Configuration:

proxy_no_cache 1;
proxy_cache_bypass 1;
proxy_cache off;

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