Reader type | Http Request

I currently have the response from an HTTP request and need to access what is in the body. The type of the response is “Reader.” I want to know how I can access the body of the HTTP request response.

I’m asking this because the documentation for the “Reader” type doesn’t provide much information.

You can take a look at this implementation Examples :: Corteza Docs

The HTTP request is directed towards a third-party API; I don’t believe that documentation applies to my question.

You can try to use the JSEnv parsing function to parse your request and access the body.
Similar to how it is in the example

Can you help me?
I don´t know how it works you can explain all arguments and function how it work?

Try this configuration, where you pass the body(Reader) you get from the HTTP request to the jsenv reader. Its based on this Workflow Processing :: Corteza Docs