Record list page vs Record page control using configuration

I have a module and I want to control the way the records are added to this module.

More precisely:

  • I want to use only automation to insert records inside module
  • a user should have only edit rights over an existent record (not to create a new record)

For aforementioned module I have created a “record list page” and a “record page”.
At the “record list page” level I can hide “add record button”. However, here I can play around and, using the config area, I can hide/display a lot of functionalities (edit/ select/ search … so on).

Unfortunately, doesn’t exist similar configurations at the “record page” level. For example I cannot hide “add record button”.

Do you have in plan to add a better control, using configuration, for the buttons / functionalities existent in “record page” ? Something similar with “record list page” config.

Thank you.


I understand your question. At the moment when a user has permissions to edit a record in a module, the user can also add new records. I don’t know if it’s on the roadmap to handle record creation permissions.


Would be nice if you will take into account this proposal, for the next releases.

Have a good day.