Record List PreFilter Across Modules

I have a case module. I also have an assigned module. In my assigned module I can assign 1-many users to a case and provide more information about that user and what they are doing in the case. I need this in a separate module for a number of different reasons; instead of just adding an Assigned To field in the case module.

I would like to display ALL cases that one of those users is assigned to based on the {$userId} variable.

If I was doing SQL my SQL would look like this…

select * from {case module} where recordID in (
select {RecordId for case} from {assigned module} where {assigned user field} = ${userID}

How can I accomplish this using a Prefilter in a Record List?

Hi there,

First of all I would ask do you have a module and record page for each user? This would be a simple way of seeing the cases which are assigned to that user. Multiple records can be assigned to an individual field by configuring the record field to allow it.

By doing this you would then be able to create a record list based on this user information. I have attached an image that may present the records in the way you want.

Currently the block is filtered to show the current user’s cases but this filter can be modifed. Corteza can also display multiple case numbers in a single record by modifying the field as a multi value field.

Steven thank you for your reply. That method would work if I only had 1 user assigned to the case; however, I have multiple users assigned to the case that perform different roles. I’d like to make an assignment and also assign different roles (outside of corteza roles) to the user. This would be a lot easier if I had 2 tables (case and staff) that I can assign this way. Corteza seems to force me to store everything into 1 table to perform this which may be ok is some scenarios but not others :frowning: