Record pages lock up after error in 2023.9.6

I just upgraded to 2023.9.6, and I am experiencing the following:

  1. If the initial input for a record page errors out (such as from missing required values), the Save and Back buttons become unavailable (mouse cursor becomes a red circle with a slash through it).

  2. This persists even if the missing values are filled in, and only resolves if the page is refreshed (at which point all previously entered data is erased), therefore requiring the person entering the data to start over again.

Is there a new setting in 2023.9.6 that is causing this? It wasn’t happening in the previous version. I like some of the new stuff in this version - I really don’t want to have to revert if I can avoid it.

Thanks for reporting this. Was fixed in 2023.9.7 which will be released next week.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Link to github issue