Record Selector Field Displaying References Instead of Images


Let’s consider the following two modules:

  • A child module “childModule” that has a field “image” with type = file upload (view mode = gallery of images).

  • A parent module “parentModule” that has a field with type = record selector (module = “childModule” and module field = “image”).

Current Behavior:

In a parentModule record, it’s the reference that shows in imageField (record selector).

Desired Behavior:
The parentModule record will show the image when selected.

It would be very useful to have the option to show either:

  • Value mode (the actuel value of that field, in this case the reference of the fileupload field).
  • View mode (the view that field has in its module, in this case field: gallery of images).

Here is a suggestion for the record selector field configuration:

This would also be applicable for other types: richtext (text input), user selector…

What are your thoughts on this?

Hey, record selectors are not really meant to show the underlying value, they are more for linking two modules. So this most likely won’t change, I suggest a workflow that maps the value if you need something like this.

Any chance there is a similar example of this somewhere in the docs that I could reference? Ive been trying to use a junction module for record relationships (client <> business) with other associated fields, but as you’ve stated, it seems this wasn’t really designed for this purpose and the record selector values don’t seem to be usable in a way that allows for displaying these relationships on account pages. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

I’ve noticed that with other fields (like string, date, text…), it’s doable with a workflow without any problem. However, when it comes to images, the risk is that we will be obliged to duplicate the image for every record.
Let’s say the parent module is Wikipedia and the child module is an article. If there are 100k articles, we will have to duplicate the Wikipedia image for these 100k articles and also change them back if the logo changes.

Could you please describe your problem with more details? It would be best to start a new topic to keep the discussion clean and precise, and also so it can be useful to others. You can tag me in it.