Record Selector Pre -Filter Doubt

Hello Everyone,

  • Basically in this App, there are 3 modules. Organization, Cohorts(Teams)
    , Users.
  • Organization and Cohorts are One-Many Relationships. And The cohorts(team) and Users are many to many Relationships provided under the same organization.
  • While Creating the user I will select the Organization through the record selector and fill in the user details.
  • While creating the cohorts also I will select the organization first using record selector, and then fill the cohorts details accordingly.
  • While selecting the User in Cohorts(team) using the record selector, I should select the user in two ways One is Practitioners and the Other is members. I did this using a multi-value field in the cohorts module.
  • What I need is while creating the cohorts, when I select the organization, The users of the selected organization only should come in the list of Practitioners and members. So what filter should I use here?
    Any help would be appreciated, Thank You.