Redesign of file storage structure?

I wanted to store all user files directly in nextcloud, but unfortunately the concept behind data storage is not a transparent use of a file system.
A concept like used by nextcloud - you can trigger a rescan of a dir to get the missing metadata into the db would be nice. (There may be better solutions without the need to scan)
By now all files are stored either in the /data/compose or /data/system folder - and get renamed. I once had a similar concept in one of my apps. But it does not scale very well and led nowhere.
Its not possible to do something with the files without corteza. It would be better to make transparent use of a storage system or DMS possible.

Hopefully the storage concept will be redesigned - opinions? :wink:

We are planning on doing a bit of a redesign on how attachments are done – we’ll keep this in mind when tackling that task.

You can also use to store your files

If you wish to preserve those files you’ll need to mount a volume for the given folder(s).