Redirect to an an outside application

Hi everyone, I would like to be redirected to the admin area application through, for this I used a prompt of type “Redirect user to an outside application” see the photo below

I tried to enter the url of the admin area page but it did not accept it, and after I entered the following url : “/src/views/routes.js” I get an error message:

“Failed to parse step arguments expressions for prompt: parsing error: /src/views/routes.js :1:1 - 1:2 unexpected “/” while scanning extensions”.

Np: if I remove the “/” from the url “src/views/routes.js” I get rid of the above error, but after running the workflow I get a different error message:


Try using the “Redirect user to an outside URL” prompt

The internal route is currently limited to inside the application that you have opened (Compose, Admin…)

For the URL parameter use the “/admin”, which should redirect the user to the admin application.

Also attaching an archive that contains the workflow (724 Bytes)

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Thank you Jfortun , it works

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