Referenced record not resolved: compose record unresolved

I’m trying to import 1400 contacts and assign them to accounts. I get the following:
referenced record not resolved: compose record unresolved [Circle K]

Circle K is an account. I don’t see a lot of documentation on the import process, I’m happy to write the documentation on this, but need some help understanding.


Ok, I was able to resolve that issue by exporting the accounts, doing an index match on the numerical account ID, and then mapping that result to the Account Name on the import. I hope there is a better way.

I am also struggling to get the OwnedBy to link users correctly on import. I’m looking for the user ID, and if I can find it, maybe that would work in the ownedby field in the import. Currently I’m not getting and error, I’m just getting a “N/A” post import.

I used handle and Email… It appears that that assigned the contact to the owner in both cases BUT
It still shows N/A on the page (table) view. If I click into the record, I see the owner assigned correctly.

Accounts import: The Account owner however is not. It shows N/A on the table view and N/A in the record itself.

Would you be able to provide us with sample CSV files that we could use to reproduce the issue?

When importing records that you wish to relate to an already existing record you need to use the record ID. You can use the CLI to import both contacts and accounts which would allow you to use different identifier types.

We’ll be looking on improving this in the near future.

Thanks, I didn’t see any documentation on the how to do that with the CLI… All I need to get up and running is a way to assign an owner to the accounts, either in the initial account import process or after. Contacts get owners using the method above, and are assigned to the account using the method above.

For this example my users are Jay and Jim

Here are the two de-identified files I imported in the video…
First Account CSV
Then I exported the account file to get Account ID.
Than Contacts

Accounts csv;
Jim,243110563004022788,5741 d Cr.,BOston,OH,44133
Jay,243110563004088324,3060 Ads,Grandville,OH,44224,243110563004153860,5741 d Cr.,BOston,OH,44133,243110563004219396,3060 Ads,Grandville,OH,44224

Contact CSV:
,Jim,243110563004022788,12312 address,1-UnitedHealthcare,OWNERIDJIM,HANDLE,Advantage,DualComplete,3242134,1/1/2021,$29.80,Monthly,,Cuyahoga,Called in,29920975,232-232-2233
,Jay,243110563004088324,12312 address,1-UnitedHealthcare,OWNERIDJAY,HANDLE,Advantage,Plan 1,341234123433,1/1/2020,$21.00,Direct,,Summit,Resource Center,123-123-1233
,,243110563004153860,12312 address,1-UnitedHealthcare,OWNERIDEMAIL,EMAIL,Advantage,DualComplete,324123,1/1/2021,$29.80,Monthly,,Cuyahoga,Called in,29920975,333-333-3333
,,243110563004219396,12312 address,1-UnitedHealthcare,OWNERIDEMAIL,EMAIL,Advantage,Plan 1,12342134,1/1/2020,$21.00,Direct,,Summit,Resource Center,332-21`-1234