Remove element from array / Merge arrays

Hi there,

I want to ask how to remove an element from an array effectively. I have a multi-value field, and I want to remove a specific element. (Let’s say a user from a user list). The available array functions do not support this use case; however, removing an item from a list should be a core function without 3 extra steps in a workflow. I can solve the task either by iterating over the list and checking if the given item is the one I am looking for… or I can splice the slices into two arrays and then iterate over one of them to copy its values into the other one. Either way, I must iterate manually over slices/arrays, which might be suboptimal performance-wise.

The other question is, can you merge/append/join arrays on an item basis? Currently, if you push an array into another one, the push function adds them as a single value like this:

arr = push(arr1, arr2) → arr: [[arr1], [arr2]]

Hi, unfortunately currently you have to do it as you mentioned.
We’ll add splice and merge functions for the 2024.3.0 release.

At the moment you could define a sub-workflow that does that for you to make it easier.

hi, thank you for the answer. Glad to hear that you plan to add this in the next major release.
As per the 2023.9.2 release the splice function is already available.