Renaming system field


is there any way to rename system field of module (eg. createdAt)? I would like to have the names of all fields in the same language.

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We have two different types of content in Corteza - static (the same for everybody, i.e. login form, administration application etc.) and configurable (page titles, module names, field names etc.). Configurable content translations can be managed directly in Corteza, while we static translations from yaml files. System fields belong to the static content group, so they can be translated, but directly in yaml file, not in the user interface (it’s in this file:

May I ask which language you’re translating Corteza to?

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Thanks for answer!

I need croatian translation. I speak/write english very well but some of my potential customers don’t :confused:

EDIT: Maybe we did not understand, I want to rename system fields, it does not have to be the correct translation into Croatian. See picture.

Corteza system fields

Refer to the quoted part of the answer; if you wish to translate the labels of the system fields (created at for example), you will need to edit the corresponding translation in the YAML file.
Fefer to the documentation to learn how you can do this.

An alternative option I could think of is manually creating new system fields just like how you would create a regular module field.
You could then define some value expressions or automation to populate the new system fields automatically.
Edit the pages and show the new system fields instead of the built-in system fields.

I was thinking about creating my system fields and populate them automatically.

Thanks a lot for the answer!

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